Your Helping Hand,

MyKuya allows you to connect with a helper in real-time and have your errands taken care of! Simplify your life and let MyKuya do the job for you.

Why We Built MyKuya?

With the help of technology, we strongly believe that the Philippines’ most pressing problems can be addressed with sustainable solutions. This can only be achieved if we reach out and lend each other a helping hand. Read more to get to the reason why MyKuya came to be.


1. Request Help!

There is a MyKuya service for every task you need to accomplish. Select KuyaNOW/AteNOW for services that can be done on foot like help in cleaning your place, shop in a nearby grocery store, or use KuyaMOTO for requests that require fast or long distance services like courier services and food delivery.


2. Match and Chat

Match with a nearby Kuya/Ate and let them know how they can help you via the MyKuya in-app chat feature.


3. Rate and Enjoy

Once request is received, Kuya/Ate will happily run the errand for you. You can track the progress of your request via the MyKuya App real-time. Rate the quality of service you received after the completion of the request.

Become a Partner!

Join our fleet of Kuyas and Ates and help us in our mission while earning money!